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This folder is mostly for cover art or first pages to favorite webcomics and stories, as a sort of "table of contents."
It does, however, include other items I'd like to showcase, like contests and the occasional individual piece of art.

Items in my main favorites folder (also known as featured) are there precisely for the purpose of using this widget... but can also be found scattered among my other folders.




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Okay, got Flash Sideways part 1 finished and uploaded.
Got Flash Sideways part 3 finished.
Hey, I've actually managed to complete another...

Waddaya mean I gotta finish part 2? ^^;
Hmm... how to get from chapter 3 of "Legion of Doom" to the punishment Darkh already has planned for Len...
And then how to resolve said punishment?

Story's nearly done, just need to figure out those two parts.
*Writes what may well be my first attempt at a "graphic" sex scene.*
*Stares at the result.*

What the hell did I just write? ^^;

*Keeps writing.*
Urgh.... trying to post some of the chapters that I've written a while ago (Alternate Universe in this case), only to realize I have no idea what I want to call the next chapter.

Eh, what the heck? I'll go with "Recovery."
This leaves me one or two chapters left to post, depending on how I divide for length. And a whole lot more that needs writing.
Confessions chapter 3 nearly done.
Just need to decide where to cut it off; it's recreating a bunch of dialogue from Legends of Tomorrow 1-01 at the moment....


Practice Commissions
This "commission" option is a cross between a donation and art requests... all for the sake of me practicing.
So give me something to practice on, will ya? ;p

Nothing special here: a general sketch of a fairly simple prompt, hand-drawn in whatever medium I choose, most likely a quick outline of sorts as I attempt to get the basic shape right.
Cleaning up the sketch after, detail work, inking, colors, etc will be done at my discretion or not at all, thus the extremely low price of 10 points (i.e. 12.5 cents)
Uncolored Line Art
A simple lineart, black-and-white sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact; you can have a color background of your choosing (via PhotoShop's paintbucket tool) at no extra cost, and I would make other touch-ups/corrections once it's on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image, but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Flat Color Lineart
A simple lineart, flat colored sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact. Any coloring or touch-ups will be done on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image (please note that my own useful sample was done without a reference image), but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Short Written Story/Scene
I have a particular preference for fantasy, and will gladly edge into science fiction, but am open to experimenting with other genres as well. Tell me what you'd like me to try and I'll see if I can manage it.
Since I can't set a per-length price on the commission widget, I'll just say that this widget is for 500 words. You might have to commission me multiple times (or pay me via PayPal) if you want a longer story. See my journal for details.

See that journal also for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Going on record here for certain plans I have before canon shows us what's really going to happen... mostly because I'm curious how close my fics will come (not very close at all, I'm sure ;) ) when I'm planning certain things without knowing what canon has planned.
Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 1... Sorry I can't figure out how to hide the text to avoid spoilers, the spoiler tag I found that claims to do it ain't doing nothing....

Anyway, in the next to last episode of season 1, Leonard Snart sacrificed himself to destroy the Oculus Wellspring, to eliminate the Time Masters' control over the team. I give his perspective of the explosion over in Snart's Final Thoughts in a scene that kicks off a few of my other fanfics.
We don't know if he actually died in that explosion, though it's extremely likely; the scene I wrote and the fics it kicks off assume he survived for plot reasons, and once I get working on the stories that start up from there you'll be able to see why that's not necessarily a good thing.... ^^;
We also don't know if Barry's "Flashpoint" changed history enough to effectively resurrect Len if he did die in that particular timeline.

However, Season 2 of Legends has him as a member of the Legion of Doom. He is supposed to show up in the episode The Chicago Way (slated to air December 8).
Keeping in mind that we don't know if he survived, we also don't know (officially; fans willing to look up secrets before they air will know more spoilers than I do) whether this Len is a younger version, if he is one that mysteriously survived the explosion, or if he is a Flashpoint resurrected version. As such, we also don't know what his participation in the Legion will mean regarding his former alliance with the Legends.
The Arrowverse wiki only gives this hint:
Meanwhile, Rory gets an unexpected visitor and is not sure how to handle it.

Now, as a fan of Captain Cold, I don't want to completely lose the character development and transition from villain to anti-hero, so from that angle I'm hoping we have him mysteriously surviving the explosion, and that there will be a way to persuade him to rejoin the Legends. I'm also hoping for the chance to explore what his sacrifice means to CaptainCanary... even if that relationship ends up going nowhere anyway, the part I don't like is the fact that he sacrificed himself before they had a chance to find out.
Whether that will make for good storytelling is another issue entirely, and from the story side of things I might be okay if his timeline was reset, so long as the Legends team is conflicted over fighting against what they still think of as a member of their own team.

But as a fanfiction writer...
Well, Majummed and Man Was Not Mean to Know (geez, I need a better title for that one! ^^; ) both assume he mysteriously survived the explosion. How he survived depends on the fic in question.
Both of these ideas were plotted out (more or less) before I knew anything about Season 2, so while I am editing to include the Justice Society characters where relevant, neither fic (or League of MacGuffins, for that matter) really takes into account the Season 2 changes.

There will be a scene, however, in What Could Have Been (the Flash Sideways prequel) that does take those changes into account. This is the one that prompted this whole journal, just so you know.
Now, most of that fic covers two particular timelines... the "original" one before the Reverse Flash came along and killed Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells, and the next one, after said murders occurred. Most of the fic, therefore, assumes these two characters' roles (such that they may be) are as The Flash Season 1 gives them. The post-Flashpoint timeline, the one in which the Reverse Flash still killed Nora Allen but didn't go after Tess and Harrison, is not really a factor in this fic.
There is one scene, however, one scene only that takes Flashpoint and the Legion of Doom into account. In this story's version of events, in that one single chapter, I have it that the Legion Cold is a much younger version of Len, long before he ever tangled with the Flash. Not only that, but this story has it that he joined the Legion of Doom and fights against the Legends willingly because the other Legion members tricked him into believing that Mick betrayed him, vis a vis the symptoms and treatment of his temporal illness within the scope of this particular fic. Now, I could also have a similar deception occurring with a version of Len that mysteriously survived the explosion of the Oculus (and thus he was tricked into believing the entire team betrayed him instead of just focusing on Mick), though figuring out how he got back to Earth and his own time would make that a titch more difficult. A Flashpoint resurrected Len... not so much; anyway, I have other plans for that scenario. But the scene I'm talking about simply chooses to use a younger Len for plot reasons.
You'll have to wait until I get to working on that fic to see the nature of that deception, but let's just say, if Len was real, he would really, really hate me. ^^; As if he wouldn't hate me already for what else I've done to him.
I want to post a snippet in a little bit (depends on whether my dad will let up on the five million things he wants me to do in time to get any more writing done before I head to work this evening ^^; ); the snippet will indicate how the Legion of Doom is involved but you'll still have to wait for What Could Have Been (and/or a scene in League of MacGuffins) to see the full extent of that deception and by extension of Mick's (or the team's) perceived betrayal. I also plan to start on an alternative fic, one in which Legion Cold is a Flashpoint resurrected Len--no connection to the WCHB scene, but this one does include some of the consequences of his eidetic memory, vis a vis the Flash Sideways premise.

So... I wonder which of my versions of events, my version of Len, would be the closest to canon's Legion Cold, regarding his death in Legends Season 1 and the results of the Flashpoint? The least inaccurate portrayal?
I guess I'll have to wait and see.... ;p

In the meantime, please enjoy the deleted scene from Legends Season 1 Episode 1... it may not have made it onto the DVD/BluRay (lousy... they said they were going to include deleted scenes, and even their survey listed them when asking which features we enjoyed, but no deleted scenes :( ) but I prefer to think it happened in-canon anyway. :D
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  • Watching: NETFLIX! (Ahem, Legends and Flash)


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Which 'Doctor Who' Character Are You?

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(Not sure how I'm the Captain, but okay, if you say so. :D )

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And the last two can apply as well to fanfics/art as to role-plays, and to self-inserts as well as Mary-Sues.…

My characters surprise me constantly. My characters are like my friends - I can give them advice, but they don't have to take it. If your characters are real, then they surprise you, just like real people. ~Laurell K. Hamilton
I need this on a stamp. Or my own version: "My characters are like my (best) friends; I think I know them well, but I don't know everything. They still find ways to surprise me."
Case in point: my tendency to change character bios well after the fact. I try to avoid physical changes (those bios exist as much for the hope of commissioning pictures as for readers' reference), but changes will occur.

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