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AU 10: Impossible!
Leonard pushed himself, slowly and painfully, up into a sitting position. He paused only to wave Mick and Barry off when they both stepped forward to help him.
Caitlin and Henry shared a bewildered look. Joe scratched his head, and Oliver looked... well, it was hard to tell what he was thinking with that damn mask, but from the way his eyes darted around, Leonard thought he might be more puzzled by everyone's reactions than anything else.
Once upright, Leonard leaned forward, one arm on his knees and the other hand holding the oxygen mask that was strapped to his face. He rested for a moment, far too exhausted from so little movement. Only once he'd caught his breath and was sure of his balance did he begin fumbling around under his pillow, wincing when the motion pushed at the IV in his arm, to retrieve the phone hidden underneath.
"You could at least pretend to be ashamed," Barry muttered. He took the phone back and shoved it into his pocket. If he'd used his speed to so much
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Changes 5: Institute
Langford Institute
Starling City
April 27, 2000
Getting into the institute was, as it turned out, very simple. Ruvé Adams was the latest in a long line of loyal followers who looked very closely after Damien's personal interests, a task she'd been managing since before Lewis Snart's first trip to prison. Even now she continued to forge the necessary paperwork to see to those interests.
Using that access was far less simple. While Ruvé had a say in where Leonard was treated, she had too little control over how he was treated.
"Who is that?" Damien asked. He gestured at the woman inside Leonard's room. "Not his mother, certainly; she was removed from the picture a long time ago. Another relative Lewis forgot to mention?"
The woman in question held the young thief close, something he was known to never allow anyone to do. Even drugged and in a straitjacket, he should have been resisting her touch, but instead he leaned into her embrace like a d
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Legends 3: Legends of Yesterday
Every instinct screamed at Leonard to wake. He gasped... it was too hot, he was burning up, he couldn't breathe!
Someone spoke to him. The voice was somehow both shouting in his ear and yet a distant mumble, barely on the edge of his hearing. He couldn't understand a single word.
His strength fled, leaving him too drained to struggle. This was a good thing, for once in his life... though he still wanted to panic, that damn lassitude forced his body to settle, to slow his reactions to a manageable level until he could finally accept that he was safe in his cell.
Just a dream.
One hell of a nightmare, but still only a nightmare.
Except it wasn't a simple dream. That lassitude meant he was getting sick again, which meant suffering vivid hallucinations. He knew this with the same certainty that he knew that the only people he cared about were going to die in less than twenty-four hours.
And he couldn't protect any of them.
He made a feeble attempt to shove Jeremy out o
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Changes 4: Temporal Illness
Iron Heights Penitentiary
April 1, 2000
"Come on, you fumbled that?" Henry shook his head and snatched the ball before Leonard could make a dive for it. He grinned at the young thief. "As old as I am, and you can't even keep up with me? I should start calling you grandpa."
Leonard leaned down to brace his hands against his legs. "You really... need... to work on... your trash talk," he said between gasps. He returned the grin. "Or better yet.... don't. You're embarrassing... yourself."
Henry snickered.
Leonard rested for a few seconds longer. Damn, he was out of shape. He should be able to hold up a lot easier than this. The weather was decent for that time of year, chill enough for most of the inmates to require jackets in the courtyard, but it was comfortable enough. But Leonard had been overheated since he'd woken, enough to refuse the jacket, and now, after their game had barely started, he was already pouring sweat.
"You okay?" Henry murmured. He
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Changes 3: Plan B
Central City Bay
March 31, 2000
1 a.m.
Eobard paced along the coastline, trusting to his speed to keep him hidden. Not that there was anyone out at this hour to hide from. But he had no idea how long he needed to remain hidden; the Oculus in its damaged state rarely gave precise details, and the timeframe Damien had reported was wide open.
He wouldn't put it past the other man to have omitted those very details. Eobard wasn't exactly forthcoming about his own plans, anyway.
I should've just grabbed this Santini while he was still alive.
No. If he'd tried that he risked grabbing the man too early, before Ben took the job. There might be no memory worth stealing. Eobard would just have to be patient... and speedsters were notoriously short on patience.
The telltale rumble of an engine proved that his wait was nearly over. Two vehicles crept towards the bay.
The two were a study in contrast. The truck in front was a plain vehicle, one even Eobard would b
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Changes 2: Cover Up
"All right, which color do we do next?" the woman asked. She picked up another jar of nail polish and gave Lisa's nails, all different shades of gold, a wry grin. "This one changes colors in the sun. Silver and gold."
Lisa considered the option. "Gold?" she said, peering at the shade displayed on the bottle. "Or amber?"
Amber chuckled. "You caught me," she said. "It has always been my life's ambition to sneak in puns about my name." She frowned. "Strange, that sounds more like someone else we both know."
Lisa grinned. "Eh, might be interesting. Go ahead." She stretched out her one unpainted finger for her friend to begin work.
"You have got to be the only person I know who'd rather have a midnight makeover than a midnight snack," Amber muttered.
"Well maybe if you socialized with more than just your charity cases—" Lisa began.
The phone rang.
"Oh, damn. Just a minute, let me get that." Lisa flipped open the phone in a practiced move with her single unpainted nail, g
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Time May Change Me 1: Butterfly Effect
Vanishing Point, Oculus Viewing Chamber
Damien Darkh pulled his hand away from the small pool of light. The images filling his mind, mere glimpses of other times, vanished; only their memory remained.
"I must say, Mr. Thawne, this time-travel ability of yours is impressive," Damien said. "And this... what did you call it? The Oculus? In all my years—and I assure you, I've had many of them—I've never seen anything quite like it."
"Just imagine if you'd seen the Oculus before Hunter's crew tried to destroy it," Eobard Thawne replied. "It seems to be healing itself, but that little window is nothing compared to what we could have done." He smiled. "I take it you're in?"
Damien shook his head. "Rather hard to answer that when you've yet to tell me what I'd be agreeing to."
"I told you," Eobard protested. "We'd be changing our histories... our destinies."
"You did say that much," Damien agreed, "but you never explained how. I imagine you have m
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Legion of Doom 4: Best Laid Plans
Mick stared at the speaker. "Shit," he muttered. He hefted the half-empty bottle in his hand and considered the remaining liquid.
Nobody so much as twitched when the bottle smashed against a wall.
"Shit." Mick rubbed his scalp and shook his head. "I was starting to remember that bastard again.... I thought I had my friend back."
"I am sorry, Mr. Rory," Gideon said. "The 'bug' I planted was meant to help protect Mr. Snart against the Legion's interference. But his brainwaves no longer appear to be in sync with the pattern I have on file, and until he returns to the Waverider's medical bay I will be unable to conduct a deeper analysis. I'm afraid I cannot understand how he could have changed his loyalties so easily."
"But it doesn't make any sense," Ray protested. "The only way we could've destroyed the Oculus....."
"That makes sense," Stargirl agreed. "This.... this doesn't. The level of detail... he was starting to convince me that those were true mem
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Legends 2: No Escape
Leonard braced himself against the wall, willing himself to remain conscious as he tried to get his breathing under control.
Something tapped his chin, and he cracked one eye open to see the guard waving a baton in his face.
The guard smirked. "What are you standing around for?" he said. "You want to keep them waiting?"
Leonard shook his head.
"Then I suggest you get moving."
"Poor sod looks like he's about to have a heart attack," someone muttered next to Jeremy. "Or having one."
Jeremy snorted. "You haven't been here very long if you expect the guards to care." He shook his head. "Some of them... maybe," he admitted. "Keeping the peace is supposed to be part of their job. But that one has no compunctions about riling these guys up so he can throw one of us into the lion's den. And the others are too scared of him to do anything about it."
The other man snickered. "I remember hearing about a man who survived the lion's den," he replied. "Ma
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Legends of Another Day 1: Legends of Today
Leonard grabbed his tray without looking to see what the kitchen staff had slopped on it this time, and looked around for a place to sit.
Alone was no longer an option. If he was only dealing with punks out to make a name for themselves, newcomers too stupid to know that you didn't need to look for a fight because one would eventually find you, he wouldn't be worried. His refusal to rouse himself unless someone needed protecting, and his habit of being particularly vicious when he did fight, was enough to convince that sort that he simply wasn't worth the effort.
The danger now was that most of the inmates in this wing hated him with a passion, and would enjoy catching him in a vulnerable moment.
Not that he'd done anything to earn their hatred—they had all been put here by the Flash, and should, logically, be willing to accept him based on that alone. No, the problem was that it was a damn high school clique all over again... and he, the only normal human being in Iron He
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Recruitement Drive 3: Rainbow Raider
A week had passed since the final battle between the two speedsters, and the city was desperately in need of cleanup.
The Flash, of course, used his speed to do the work of twenty people—fifty when he started showing off—but everyone who cared about Central City was pitching in.
Even Lisa was helping out, and her brother and Mick were off somewhere lending a hand as well. Leonard had forbidden them to go near Star Labs; even with disguises, there was too much chance they'd be recognized. But even with Leonard's new friend Shawna providing intel, Lisa needed to see for herself that the heroes had all survived, and she had snuck off half an hour after the Rogues had joined back in with the cleanup.
Not that she was worried about the Flash or his team, of course. Not even about Cisco. Not that she'd ever admit to anyone.
But she knew her brother's moods far better than he realized. After what Wells had done to him, it had been fear, and none of his usual criminal tenden
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Recruitement Drive 2: Peek-A-Boo
Teleporting back home took Shawna a lot longer than she'd expected. She didn't have her telescope, it was too dark to see very far, and attempting to avoid witnesses and security cameras forced her to go well out of her way many times.
But finally, a few hours later, she was back at her apartment.
She flipped the switch by the front door... but the apartment remained dark.
Dammit. She'd been stuck in that cell for so long, the landlord must've decided to cut the electricity to her apartment.
Never mind. She always kept a small flashlight in her first aid kits. There was enough light coming in from the stairwell to find one of them... assuming the landlord hadn't already begun tossing her things in storage.
She made her way to the kitchen, navigating as much by feel as by the meager light coming in through the front door. She had just opened up the drawer where she kept one of her kits, when the door slammed shut and even that light vanished.
Shawna gasped. She made a quick grab
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Recruitment Drive 1: Escape
Thud. Thud. Thud.
Shawna winced every time the ball landed. Sound didn't carry that well in here—each of their cells muffled whatever the other prisoners were up to—so at least Mark wasn't giving her a headache, but that almost made those faint thuds more irritating.
"Hey! What the hell!"
Shawna glanced off in the direction of Mark's cell. What was he yelling about now?
"Hey! Hey!"
Seconds later, she knew... far too late to do anything about it. Gas rushed into her cell, just like every time the STAR Labs group needed to move one of their prisoners. But from the sounds of yelling, all of them were being gassed.
She tried to teleport, to find even a single flaw in her cell that could keep her safe, but the place was designed too well for that. She was unconscious before she slammed into the wall.
Shawna blinked several times, but her vision remained dark. She tried to stand up, swayed on
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What Could Have Been 1: Honey Trap
Outskirts of Central City, Circa January 2000
"Leonard!" Lewis yelled.
Leonard winced. Did the man have to shout like that? He only stood five feet away, and he knew full well Leonard was trying to prepare for his GED.
A hand grabbed Leonard by the back of the neck and hauled him out of the chair before he could set the practice test aside. He froze, unwilling to let his father hurt him, but equally unwilling to increase the man's wrath by resisting.
"Hey, Leo!" Lewis spat. He forced Leonard to turn around to face him. "You answer me when I'm talking to you!"
Leonard gritted his teeth at the use of his childhood nickname. He didn't hate the name... if it was Amber or his grandfather addressing him. But Lewis only ever used it to make him feel like a child, to remind him of the power the man still had over him.
"Yes, dad?" he said. He forced himself to look away from the mess that had been his test and kept his face carefully blank. "What did you want?
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AU--9 Unexpected Allies
A few hours later, Barry paced at the entrance to Star Labs, wondering if he dared use his speed to look for them.
"Fl... Barry?" Oliver Queen called out. He and the other three were in disguise; Barry was not. Only the two women wore their gear without masks.
"Finally," Barry muttered. "Thank you for coming... all of you. I know it can't have been easy bringing him along," he said with a nod at Malcolm Merlyn. "You guys are the closest thing we have to experts, and I just couldn't take the chance that he might know something useful."
"Are you kidding?" Sara Lance said. "Malcolm was practically gloating the whole way. Seems to think it's hilarious that you wanted his help." She glanced at the rest of the team. "Convincing Nyssa to work with him was the hardest part."
Nyssa glared at her lover. "You said it was life or death," she said to Barry. "I rather doubt that Al Sa-her could know anything of use that we could not also give you, but if your friend's lif
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Enemy 4: Fear Factor
Leonard did not possess the Flash's capacity for healing, but he healed quickly enough and soon returned to a semblance of his usual routine.
He continued to plan his heists, but his injuries meant he had to do so remotely, and let Mick and Lisa handle all of the field work.
He continued to keep tabs on the Flash... but now he made sure his Rogues stayed out of the speedster's way, even if that meant dropping his plans at the merest hint that the Flash's friends were around.
As it turned out, that wasn't the best way to deal with Eobard's threat.
After the third time in as many days he'd forced the Rogues to abandon a stakeout, Mick snatched up his gun and stalked off, a disgusted look on his face.
"Where do you think you're going?" Lisa snapped.
"We can't keep doing this, Lisa," Mick growled back. "I'm putting an end to it. The Flash needs to die."
Mick and Lisa turned around to see Leonard staring at them with a look of horror on his face.
"You're supposed to be in bed,"
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Sonic the Hedgehog/Knuckles the Echidna--based mostly on the earlier comics.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Doctor Who
Arrowverse (mostly focused on Captain Cold)
Skryim (on hiatus)
Assorted character bios and personal headcanon




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Okay, got Flash Sideways part 1 finished and uploaded.
Got Flash Sideways part 3 finished.
Hey, I've actually managed to complete another...

Waddaya mean I gotta finish part 2? ^^;
*Writes what may well be my first attempt at a "graphic" sex scene.*
*Stares at the result.*

What the hell did I just write? ^^;

*Keeps writing.*


Practice Commissions
This "commission" option is a cross between a donation and art requests... all for the sake of me practicing.
So give me something to practice on, will ya? ;p

Nothing special here: a general sketch of a fairly simple prompt, hand-drawn in whatever medium I choose, most likely a quick outline of sorts as I attempt to get the basic shape right.
Cleaning up the sketch after, detail work, inking, colors, etc will be done at my discretion or not at all, thus the extremely low price of 10 points (i.e. 12.5 cents)
Uncolored Line Art
A simple lineart, black-and-white sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact; you can have a color background of your choosing (via PhotoShop's paintbucket tool) at no extra cost, and I would make other touch-ups/corrections once it's on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image, but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Flat Color Lineart
A simple lineart, flat colored sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact. Any coloring or touch-ups will be done on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image (please note that my own useful sample was done without a reference image), but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Short Written Story/Scene
I have a particular preference for fantasy, and will gladly edge into science fiction, but am open to experimenting with other genres as well. Tell me what you'd like me to try and I'll see if I can manage it.
Since I can't set a per-length price on the commission widget, I'll just say that this widget is for 500 words. You might have to commission me multiple times (or pay me via PayPal) if you want a longer story. See my journal for details.

See that journal also for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Going on record here for certain plans I have before canon shows us what's really going to happen... mostly because I'm curious how close my fics will come (not very close at all, I'm sure ;) ) when I'm planning certain things without knowing what canon has planned.
Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 1... Sorry I can't figure out how to hide the text to avoid spoilers, the spoiler tag I found that claims to do it ain't doing nothing....

Anyway, in the next to last episode of season 1, Leonard Snart sacrificed himself to destroy the Oculus Wellspring, to eliminate the Time Masters' control over the team. I give his perspective of the explosion over in Snart's Final Thoughts in a scene that kicks off a few of my other fanfics.
We don't know if he actually died in that explosion, though it's extremely likely; the scene I wrote and the fics it kicks off assume he survived for plot reasons, and once I get working on the stories that start up from there you'll be able to see why that's not necessarily a good thing.... ^^;
We also don't know if Barry's "Flashpoint" changed history enough to effectively resurrect Len if he did die in that particular timeline.

However, Season 2 of Legends has him as a member of the Legion of Doom. He is supposed to show up in the episode The Chicago Way (slated to air December 8).
Keeping in mind that we don't know if he survived, we also don't know (officially; fans willing to look up secrets before they air will know more spoilers than I do) whether this Len is a younger version, if he is one that mysteriously survived the explosion, or if he is a Flashpoint resurrected version. As such, we also don't know what his participation in the Legion will mean regarding his former alliance with the Legends.
The Arrowverse wiki only gives this hint:
Meanwhile, Rory gets an unexpected visitor and is not sure how to handle it.

Now, as a fan of Captain Cold, I don't want to completely lose the character development and transition from villain to anti-hero, so from that angle I'm hoping we have him mysteriously surviving the explosion, and that there will be a way to persuade him to rejoin the Legends. I'm also hoping for the chance to explore what his sacrifice means to CaptainCanary... even if that relationship ends up going nowhere anyway, the part I don't like is the fact that he sacrificed himself before they had a chance to find out.
Whether that will make for good storytelling is another issue entirely, and from the story side of things I might be okay if his timeline was reset, so long as the Legends team is conflicted over fighting against what they still think of as a member of their own team.

But as a fanfiction writer...
Well, Majummed and Man Was Not Mean to Know (geez, I need a better title for that one! ^^; ) both assume he mysteriously survived the explosion. How he survived depends on the fic in question.
Both of these ideas were plotted out (more or less) before I knew anything about Season 2, so while I am editing to include the Justice Society characters where relevant, neither fic (or League of MacGuffins, for that matter) really takes into account the Season 2 changes.

There will be a scene, however, in What Could Have Been (the Flash Sideways prequel) that does take those changes into account. This is the one that prompted this whole journal, just so you know.
Now, most of that fic covers two particular timelines... the "original" one before the Reverse Flash came along and killed Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells, and the next one, after said murders occurred. Most of the fic, therefore, assumes these two characters' roles (such that they may be) are as The Flash Season 1 gives them. The post-Flashpoint timeline, the one in which the Reverse Flash still killed Nora Allen but didn't go after Tess and Harrison, is not really a factor in this fic.
There is one scene, however, one scene only that takes Flashpoint and the Legion of Doom into account. In this story's version of events, in that one single chapter, I have it that the Legion Cold is a much younger version of Len, long before he ever tangled with the Flash. Not only that, but this story has it that he joined the Legion of Doom and fights against the Legends willingly because the other Legion members tricked him into believing that Mick betrayed him, vis a vis the symptoms and treatment of his temporal illness within the scope of this particular fic. Now, I could also have a similar deception occurring with a version of Len that mysteriously survived the explosion of the Oculus (and thus he was tricked into believing the entire team betrayed him instead of just focusing on Mick), though figuring out how he got back to Earth and his own time would make that a titch more difficult. A Flashpoint resurrected Len... not so much; anyway, I have other plans for that scenario. But the scene I'm talking about simply chooses to use a younger Len for plot reasons.
You'll have to wait until I get to working on that fic to see the nature of that deception, but let's just say, if Len was real, he would really, really hate me. ^^; As if he wouldn't hate me already for what else I've done to him.
I want to post a snippet in a little bit (depends on whether my dad will let up on the five million things he wants me to do in time to get any more writing done before I head to work this evening ^^; ); the snippet will indicate how the Legion of Doom is involved but you'll still have to wait for What Could Have Been (and/or a scene in League of MacGuffins) to see the full extent of that deception and by extension of Mick's (or the team's) perceived betrayal. I also plan to start on an alternative fic, one in which Legion Cold is a Flashpoint resurrected Len--no connection to the WCHB scene, but this one does include some of the consequences of his eidetic memory, vis a vis the Flash Sideways premise.

So... I wonder which of my versions of events, my version of Len, would be the closest to canon's Legion Cold, regarding his death in Legends Season 1 and the results of the Flashpoint? The least inaccurate portrayal?
I guess I'll have to wait and see.... ;p

In the meantime, please enjoy the deleted scene from Legends Season 1 Episode 1... it may not have made it onto the DVD/BluRay (lousy... they said they were going to include deleted scenes, and even their survey listed them when asking which features we enjoyed, but no deleted scenes :( ) but I prefer to think it happened in-canon anyway. :D
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I need this on a stamp. Or my own version: "My characters are like my (best) friends; I think I know them well, but I don't know everything. They still find ways to surprise me."
Case in point: my tendency to change character bios well after the fact. I try to avoid physical changes (those bios exist as much for the hope of commissioning pictures as for readers' reference), but changes will occur.

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